Interior Demolition Services

Our interior demolition contractors carry out a ‘soft strip’ dismantling and Internal Demolition prior to any major refurbishment or demolition. This includes the removal of all fixtures and fittings from a room, such as non-load bearing partitions, carpets, tiles and ceilings.
One of the challenges particularly with old buildings is that many of them are plagued by dangerous fixtures, out-of-date standards and faulty electronics. If you want your renovation project to go as per the plan, call on us for a specialised interior demolition service. We have invested in the right tools and equipment to take on any scale of demolition assignment.  Envirosavers has both the experience and knowledge on how to do the job right.

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This is because we strive to meet and even exceed the universal standards for demolition tasks. In case you are planning for future renovations of your property we can do a surgical interior/external demolition service, leaving you with a solid shape or blank slate for your next project. Whether you are looking for internal dismantling services for your residential or commercial project, we are here to help you get the work done in the most professional way. We keep all your interior removal projects on time and budget.

Soft strip demolition

To facilitate refurbishment, remodeling or interior demolition, our soft demolition company starts by removing non-structural elements of buildings such as fixtures, fittings, temporary structures, internal ceilings and internal walls. Our soft strip demolition Remove Highlighted Words service also includes removal of telecommunication and electricity lines, cable trays and other mechanical fixtures. We offer soft strip as a standalone service but can also incorporate it in the internal dismantling services package. Being certified asbestos removal and interior demolition contractors, we keep our eye on any traces of asbestos during the demolition exercise. This guarantees you, your family or business, safety. Get in touch with our soft strip demolition contractors today for safe, cost-effective and environmental friendly service.