Asbestos Removal

As a professional asbestos testing and removal company, we operate under License No.051905002 with the full approval of the Health and Safety Executive. Our decontamination specialists  operations also comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and the Asbestos Licensing Regulations (2012). Envirosavers main function is the provision of decontamination services which include asbestos testing, treatment, removal and surveys for South of the UK and South wales.

In the United Kingdom, We work on both big sites and Small sites such as private properties. We remove Cement Garage Roofs, Textured coating ceilings and walls, Floor Tiles, Insulation board Ceilings and walls, Soffits, Cement down pipes, Spayed Coating, Insulation lagging, and much more. The number of people dying daily from conditions related to previous exposures to asbestos or poor administration of decontamination solution is more than twice that of people dying from road accidents. Before it was discovered that asbestos was the reason behind numerous health problems such as lung cancers, mesothelioma, asbestosis and pleural thickening, its use in residential, commercial and industrial insulation was widespread.

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Contaminated land is land containing a substance or substances in quantities or concentrations potentially harmful to human health, animals, plants, buildings, building services or other environmental receptors. The land can include any structures, surface material, top soil, subsoils, surface water or groundwater.

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We offer a high quality Specialist Land Remediation service to improve the quality of contaminated areas to make full and effective use of land previously considered unsuitable for development. Our highly trained team will carry out a full inspection of the contaminated and a full risk assessment before any work can be carried out.